Your New Biz Friends

If you’ve been stressing out, feeling overwhelmed, and putting off “website stuff” because it felt like way too much on top of your ever-growing list of things to do as a business owner – stress no more, we’ve got your back.

Lindsey Riel

About Lindsey

Lindsey has been in this field since 2005, working with clients all over the world, developing websites, designing brands, graphics, SEO, teaching aforementioned skills, and all things small business related. She geeks out over the nerdy stuff, and thoroughly enjoys every tiny thing about the design process. One of Lindsey’s favorite things about this industry is how quickly technology progresses, allowing her to continuously learn new things.

About CJ

CJ has over 25 years experience serving in various leadership roles at several top Fortune 500 companies. A dedicated, goal-oriented leader, with a proven track record of achievement – he believes in leading by example, and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Most importantly, CJ brings tremendous value to our clients in the form of small business consulting by identifying their pain points, and turning opportunities into wins.

CJ Shutlock

Better Together

Together we can do just about anything, and there’s nothing we cannot quickly and enthusiastically learn for your benefit.


We know all things tech aren’t exactly exciting to most, so it’s our goal to simplify this process for you, and make it enjoyable.

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